Do I have an IBAN number or swift code on my tide account?


Hi kate,
I have a tide account but I urgently need my swift code please


Hi, I also need the IBAN code to send money into the UK Tide account please. Please also let me know how long it would take for me to get the IBAN. Thank you.


Hi @vorteil, thank you for getting in touch. My colleague Mihaela has added you to the IBAN list and a member of ICA team will be in contact soon.
@warwje it’s great to hear that you’ve been recommended Jane! Welcome to Tide. You are on the waitlist and our team will be in touch as soon as possible.
@Smiley we have added you to the waitlist. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via the app if you need any further assistance, our Member Support team is on hand 24/7.
@Leavesinstitute please let us know your business name, or get in touch via the in-app chat, and our team will be happy to help.
Thanks, Ali


Please add me to the waitlist so that I can receive my IBAN and Swift code asap please. thanks


Hi @HRInventMV,

Thank you for interest!

I can confirm that you have been placed on our IBAN waitlist and you will be contacted in due course.




Hello, I’d like to receive and IBAN and Swiftcode as well, I’m expecting payment in euros from next month. Thanks!


I’ve popped you on the list too @Divayo You’ll get any further updates in app!


I am based in Germany and have a Tide Business Account for a UK registered limited company.
I need an IBAN number urgently. My customer in Vienna, Austria wants to make a payment into my Tide Business Account. Please help.


Hi @Fries24,

Can you please get in touch us with us in the app chat and a member of the team will be happy to help :slight_smile:


I did, but i was told it would take 6-8 weeks. But i need it now, so please help.


If you could reach out to us in the app chat and a member of staff will look into this for you



Tide says no IBAN number for me!

Hi @Waiel_at_Tide,

the tide team says that they won’t give me an IBAN number because the director of my UK registered limited is not a UK resident. But in your FAQ as at the following link you are saying clearly that it is no problem.

Is it possible that the team is not aware if this?



Hi there!

This link is in regards to opening a Tide account, not an International Currency account.

International currency accounts (ICA’s) are a brand new feature here at Tide. ICAs require us to have more stringent requirements than for UK accounts.

Thanks, Alice


Hi @Alice_at_Tide,

oh okay, thanks for the clarification!
Is there any other option to receive a payment from Austria with the tide account (having only sort code and account number)?

Best regards


Not a problem @Fries24.

The best way to receive this payment would be to use a third party international transfer service such as Transferwise.

I hope this helps!
Thanks, Alice


Hi, how can I apply for an IBAN?
Thank you!


Hi @tiphaine, thanks for your interest in our IBAN feature! I’ve added you to our waitlist and our ICA team will be in touch with you directly.

Thanks, Ali


Hey Please can I also be added to the List for IBAN as I also need it quite urgently… how long is the waittime for this feature currently?

thanks a mil x


Hi @bamik,

Thank you for your interest in our IBAN feature.

Just want to confirm that you have been placed onto our waitlist for an IBAN and our ICA team will be in touch with you.

I hope this helps.



Hi @nick_at_tide I also need an IBAN and BIC - any chance of getting one soon? Many thanks, Natalie