Do I have an IBAN number or swift code on my tide account?


Business in eurpoe wants to pay me. Thanks!


Hi @loucamp,

We’re testing our IBAN/ International payments feature with some members at the moment.

We’ve just sent you a message in the app about joining the waitlist :slight_smile:




Hi @Katie_at_Tide, any updates about the iban/swift code?

My business needs urgently support for international payments


Hey @Ruben, you should be able to see this feature in the app tomorrow afternoon - they’ll be a few questions to answer to get you on-boarded. If nothing refreshes in your app, please let our Member Support team know via the in-app chat and we’ll look into this for you :slight_smile:.
Thanks, Ali


Business in Europe also wants to pay me. Thanks!
i need a IBAN number asap please


Hi @Malcolm, I can see that our ICA team have made you eligible :slight_smile: you can now apply within the app under More > International Currency Accounts.


Hi, how do I receive an IBAN code?


Hi @LHamilton, we’ve begun releasing our International Currency Accounts and IBAN, starting with members with limited companies who are being invited in batches. I’ve added you to the waitlist and our ICA team will be in touch directly :slight_smile:


Good morning, can you add us to the wait list for IBAN please? Thanks, Ian


Hi @IanM1, I have added you to the wait list :slight_smile:


Many thanks! Ian


Hi, I urgently need our IBAN / BIC / SWIFT code…can you please let me know how to access this?


Hi @Rob1.5, I can see that you have been added to our waitlist. Our ICA team will be in touch with an update as soon as possible.
Thanks, Ali


Hi there, a Business in Europe urgently needs to pay me but they need my IBAN number. Is this still in testing phase. I can’t get paid without it. Please let me know ASAP what I can do??