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So … where do I start with Tide. I have been a tide customer for a long time and was invited to join tide premium before it had even launched to everyone and for a long time I was amazed with the service that Tide offered.

However now it seems TIDE are hell bent on destroying my business.

I have operated a sub account to receive payments from clients for a long period of time. However recently every transaction keeps getting “blocked for security reasons” only from this sub account. I operate a recruitment business so this is my contractors salary payments etc. Every single week the account keeps getting these security blocks with no contact from Tide then they magically disappear. Sometimes I can do half of my salary payments then it starts again.

I would caution against anyone using Tide, the premium service is a con I have never had a call back from my account manager since I had the service. Literally no one is able to answer the phone or even has one it only ever rings out.

The in app messaging service is even worse, can you imagine blocking payments saying they’d be in contact within 24 hours but it then taking 72 hours to get a response.

Whats worse is that my contractors are bloody NHS workers out on the front line, work all week and don’t get paid.

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    Oct '20
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The worst bit about it is it is only my sub account that has the issues ! The main account is fine and never has any problems.

Hi there, @hendomk

Thank you for letting us know about this here, I completely understand how distressing this must be, given the frequency of these disruptions.

We’ll absolutely be looking into the cause for this and see what we can do to sort it out, I’ve already brought it to your account manager’s attention, as well as the relevant team who’ll be looking into the payments.

They’ll be in touch as soon as they possibly can to assist you with this. Thank you for the patience you’ve showed us so far.