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I wanted to share my experience and frustration with everyone. It may help people to take the right decision before using this online banking service for their business.

I just opened my startup and gave a shot to Tide as their advertising is mentioning how everything is made to ease your life, to not waste your time and focus on your business. Which is exactly what you need when you have a startup!

Unfortunately it’s not the case. Since a bit more than a week I’m spending my time trying to workaround problems due the way Tide is working and their services are implemented. Even for simple day to day life tasks everything is becoming a nightmare.

  • we can’t manage my account on my desktop : there is apparently a know issue from the tech team that will be resolved in… ‘Nobody knows when’.
    Worth mentioning it took 3 days of interactions with the support team members , exchanging messages , reading the same instructions , testing and sending plenty of screenshots to finally tell me they knew about the issue.

  • we can’t do international money transfer. Yes, it’s something you learn the hard way and after some googling you realize it’s on the to do list without any real deadline. The workaround is to use an intermediate service like PayPal or TransferWise.

  • we can’t use the card as a normal credit card.
    I subscribed to Google Suite and it gives you 2 ways to pay and the easiest one is to pay using your credit card. Unfortunately the card is recognized as a ‘pay as you go’ card and it’s therefore declined.

  • we can’t do direct debit.
    The second way to pay my Google Suite subscription is to use direct debit. I thought it would be the perfect workaround but again, it s not possible to create direct debit with the app. It’s on the to-do list but again , no ETA… My only option is to go the slow and time consuming way and contact Google to send them all the informations manually… Again a useless waste of my time.

It is a real disappointment and not at the level of a real service caring for their customers.

I hope it will help other business owners and avoid useless frustration. When you put all your efforts and money in a project/your future, your bank needs to be a real partner and not let you down at every corner of the street.


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Hello Geoffrey,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We do value our members’ opinion and I will definitely pass yours to the relevant teams to consider it for the future.

Currently, we are working towards the improvement of our services. As we completely understand that most of our members work with international transfers, we are working towards this and are currently registering interest. Please feel free to message us through the in-app chat and we will add you to our contact list for that.

Also, we are actively working towards a solution for our cards, which will go live soon.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us through [email protected] and one of our member support agents will gladly assist further.