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Hi there,

I know that you have a help doc for this at Can I set up a direct debit? 57 but it is not possible to add comments there, so adding feedback instead.

I’m assuming that you only make this info available via your app so that you can update it easily? I’m pleased that this is now ‘copyable’, that’s a step forward. But please make it easier to find than hidden down in Transactions/Direct Debits.

However, the bigger issue for me is the ‘Prepay Technologies Ltd’ part of the address. This sounds so dodgy and amateurish when putting it on a Direct Debit form or applying for credit with suppliers. There I am applying for £10,000 or whatever of credit, and suggesting I’m going to pay it from a pre-pay account. It sounds terrible.

If you can’t change that company name to ‘Tide Bank’ or similar, please use a trading name so that we do not need to list our bank as ‘Prepay Technologies Ltd’.


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Hello Stuart!

Thank you for your feedback! We sincerely appreciate your insight because it helps us build a better member experience.

Tide’s financial services are provided by Prepaid Solutions (PPS)/Prepay Technologies, an FCA regulated company that operates with an e-money license.

You’re welcome to contact us via the in-app chat within your account and ask for account verification letter, which you could use to provide, in case someone asks you for clarification and confirmation on why it’s not written “Tide Banking”, but rather “Prepay Technologies Ltd.”

Hope this helps!