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Can Tide please comment on why many
Members are now being declined a BBL from alternative institutions because their application is being flagged as a second application?
Upon further investigation with Clydesdale bank it is being reported that we have an active BBL application with Tide. This is untrue and the only connection we have with Tide regarding BBL is whatever fantasy number we were given when being placed on the waitlist.

Why are Tide reporting those in the waiting list to the British British Business bank as active applications ? And what documentation will you be providing us so that we can prove that this is not the case?

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    Jul '20
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Thank you for letting us know about this @schamness

I won’t be able to advise on this here, since it’s somewhat outside of my expertise, but it’s always been our intention that any member’s inclusion on the waiting list would not interfere with their applications elsewhere.

I’ll be bringing this to the attention of the team right away, I completely understand the urgency.


Hope not taken me 2 months to get hsbc feeder account opened and bbl application has gone in just waiting to hear back

Hi @schamness, if you don’t mind me asking, when did you submit your BBL application with Clydesdale and how long did it take for them to deny?

This is SERIOUS and more than urgent.
This if true is really big fu.k up by Tide !!!

From the mrbounceback:

URGENT – Today I want everyone who was on the Tide waiting list who are now applying to other banks to immediately get in touch with Tide, if you do want to get a Bounce Back Loan with another lender such as Yorkshire Bank or Clydesdale Bank and get yourself removed from that list.

Why am I saying this? Well yesterday I was contacted by many DM’ers on Twitter from ex-Tiders who have applied for a Bounce Back Loan with Clydesdale then been approved for a loan with them but just before payment they get declined, and the reason given is that they have a loan or have applied for a Bounce Back Loan with a different lender, that being Tide.

Here are a few of those messages, one from a DM’er telling me of their situation one from Clydesdale explaining the problem and one from a DM’er telling (in no uncertain terms) Tide to remove them from their list to clear the way of them to get a BBL.

If you are declined by any bank who say you have a BBL or have applied with Tide and you have no such loan and/or have removed yourself from their list, show them proof you have, I.E. any messages/emails from you to/from Tide confirming you have been removed from that list. They should then process your loan payment.

If however you believe that Tide are going to pull out a stash of cash one day soon and will start lending again then you should stay on their waiting list.

Why Tide have been logging those who only “registered an interest” (as there were never any guarantees of a loan with them by adding their name on that waiting list as has now been proven beyond any doubt) with them for a Bounce Back Loan on the British Business Bank system remains to be seen. I will leave that to the conspiracy theorists out there. But if it walks like a duck, smells like a duck and makes a noise like a duck its usually a duck.

Thank you all for joining in on this discussion.

We are treating this as one of our highest priorities at the moment. We do not want any member’s inclusion into our waiting list to affect their eligibility and will do what we can to help those who have been affected find a resolution.


So what happened to tide telling us to apply to other lenders? Tide, you have to be the worst bank that there is, you have literally took us all for a fantasy ride around imagination land. Anyone that works for tide should be ashamed of themselves, they have lied to us all to try and get a bit of business. Such a move has cost us all.
Now what do we do if we cant apply anywhere else?
How do we know that tide will ever get any funding?
Its like listening to the bullsh*tter in the local pub.
Seriously needs to be addressed.
I will seek legal advice because i have not applied for a loan i simply hit a button to say i was interested

If true tide bang in trouble. On a list is different to actual applications. Ie. Tide do not know how much I want to borrow. Signiture needed on application etc.

Obi your answer is a worry as well. If tide has put in false applications you better run

Answer should be straight away. On the list is not a bbl application. That is the correct answer. Not more drivel

Skcollob is 100% correct. Being on some kind of pointless “waiting list” is NOT an application. Tide is not only screwing everyone by not having any money, but also making a real mess of it with their ridiculous waiting list. What a bunch of clowns. There is no need for any kind of ridiculous “list”. Other institutions have a proper BBL page, you fill in details, submit, certify what is needed, get forms to sign and then getg the money. And usually within a day. I think Tide is really opening itself up to legal action

If one just closes the account with Tide will that take the company off the list and allow applications to other banks?

Obi, can you or someone else at Tide explain how the Tide registration list and our personal data is available to your competitors. Banks may have a requirement to share completed or active applications for BBL’s to prevent fraud but any sharing of our details before formal application is a breach of our Privacy under GDPR.

For the record, not only are Clydesdale and Yorkshire reporting this, NatWest Bank are also reporting this now too.

Biiiiig f**k up !!! Humongous!!!
Now say people will ask to be removed from the list and get messages confirming theirs removals. But would you then BELIEVE a word from Tide? Would you? Would they on top of removing you from the list go ahead and do the same in BBB database? Even if they say “it’s done”, would you trust them?
I am afraid Tide is going down along with the business they have failed to support. Sad story…

Thank you all for adding to the discussion here, we do understand that these reports have been quite concerning.

We are looking into the matter and will be addressing it as soon as possible and provide a relevant update across all of our channels.

I appreciate that this might not seem like much at this stage and the urgency with which the situation needs sorting, we’ll let you all know more when we’re able.


Has Tide supplied your competitors with my personal data. Simple Yes or No.

Agree . Simle quetion, with WHOM has Tude shared the lists? Surely takes aobut 30 minutes to come up with the answer???