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Perhaps Valentina can explain to me how for the last few weeks I was 8614 on the list and today I’ve received a message in support stating I am number 24877! This is a complete shambles and you now need to drop this whole charade you are playing and be honest with us as customers why it clearly is not organised properly!

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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I’ve just been told the following via in-app support after waiting 5 days “The number you have been assigned in 28,884. This number does not reflect your position on the waiting list. This number was given when the registration was completed.”

If I wasn’t confused before, I sure am now!

They explain that based on the fact you were proabaly the 28,884th person to register interest, but your number in the waiting list might be say 15,000 after they have excluded ineligible people. Obviously it’s the 15,000 number you would be interested in, not the 28,884.

I really don’t think they have a clue what to say regarding the waitlist??
Where’s the tracker ??? Still in progress might be ready when the bbl deadline is reached !!!

I’m sure they will pop up shortly with the standard COPY & PASTE answers then close the discussion!!

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Hi all,

I am really sorry about the confusion over our waiting list system. We understand there were some inconsistencies when sharing waitlist numbers. I’m sure Valentine has addressed this elsewhere, but some of these inconsistencies were caused by human error by our agents, and for this we can only apologise. Our support team is getting daily training on Bounce Back Loans to avoid misinformation in future.

Our waiting list works like a queue, and the number you are when you enter the queue will not change. Our tracker will show your eligibility and allow you to see your position against our lending. Apart from the funding, variables which may specifically effect your waitlist position include eligibility status, other members decision on withdrawing the loan ahead of you and other members choosing not to opt in to a BBL with Tide.

We’re also beginning to contact those who are registered on our list and are ineligible for BBL, to allow these business owners to consider alternatives. Once these ineligible businesses and any duplicate entrees are removed from the wait list, we may be able to offer you a loan sooner.

In regards to timeline for the launch of our automated tracker, I’m afraid that I can’t give you a firm date but a dedicated team is working hard to launch this soon - we will update you as soon as it’s live. As always, we will beta-test this first to make sure it is working as it should for our members.

We will continue to keep you updated and, as we have said in our previous communications, we encourage members to consider all other options as well as a Bounce Back Loan from Tide.

Thank you for your patience,

On a lighter note, congratulations on being a member of our community for a month @6cv and @Chrisvj . It’s great to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response but I’m no clearer as to what is the truth then? The earlier two numbers or the last one from the agent who was handling my complaint? How can they get it mixed up if there is only one list?

Think it’s best just to wait for the tracker to be launched,
Everyone is just going round and round in circles.
I have screen shots of multiple different numbers l have been assigned but not letting it get to me now otherwise would get to stressed about it.
Hopefully this week will see some positive news.
Stay safe

Hi @Andrewliv,

I know you are in touch with our Member Support team so they can further assist you with this.

Once again, I’m sorry about the confusion here Andrew. Please don’t hesitate to reach back to the team if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

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