Deleting test invoice


Hi @kaltech88, thank you for getting in touch. I’m afraid this has not been implemented yet. We’re looking at building an entirely new invoicing feature, taking into account all of our members requests, rather than adding to the existing feature. This process will take longer to implement but we’re confident that the end product will be more beneficial to our members.
We are working to see if there is a quick fix we can make in the meantime as we understand this is frustrating for our members. We will provide updates via Community with all new releases.
Thank you, Ali


As a new customer about to raise my first invoice, the invoice functionality is really disappointing. Not being able to edit the default email text, not being able to stop the email using my full name including middle names, not being able to delete test invoices makes the whole invoicing service not fit for purpose.

This is really disappointing and makes a terrible first impression on me as a new customer. Then I discover there is no IBAN capability, which is another disappointment as some clients require one to make payment.

Overall I am really disappointed with the initial capability of this service.

It falls far short of the marketing.



Hi Mark, sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed with our invoicing feature. If you would like your middle name to be removed from your Tide account, please let us know and we can arrange this for you. All feedback regarding our invoicing functionality has been taken on board by our product team and will be implemented when building out our new invoice feature.

You have been made eligible to apply for our IBAN feature, please apply via the Tide app under More > International currency account. Our ICA team would be happy to assist via the app if you have any queries.

Thanks, Ali


As a newbie to tide I’m also looking to delete a couple of test invoices.

Many thanks.