Deleting test invoice


Hello all
New to Tide and I’ve just put my invoice template together. I sent a test invoice to myself to make sure everything is working ok and I’m 100% happy.

My only issue now is that the invoice is sat on my account awaiting a payment.

Is there anyway to delete the invoice ?

Many thanks



Hi @SGAdair, great news! Welcome to our Founder Member Community. At the moment you can’t delete an invoice but we’re looking to introduce this soon.


Righto. Thanks Viktoria


Of all the things people are saying are missing (like incoming international payments) I see this as fundamental. I trade in the UK only and for me the way I could get this account up and running while sitting at a station waiting for a train (after several months of effort, arguing and waiting for a response from the dinosaurs of the banking world) was amazing. I’ve opened a few personal accounts with challenger banks in recent years but up to now a business offering was missing.

You don’t expect a bank to offer you an invoicing facility so that was a surprise but my trial of it showed it lacking after what I was used to. No criticism intended here as it was a bonus feature that I decided not to use. But I can’t delete the stuff I created during my evaluation!

I will continue to use Wave Accounts, it’s a fully comprehensive solution and it’s free. The only thing I would wish for is integration between Wave and Tide - a Tidal Wave! My previous business banking solution from Cashplus (also an e-money provider with prepay card) was supported for direct integration in Wave. With Tide I have to import a CSV, not quite as neat.

Good to hear Tide are working on a delete key for invoices but it just re-inforces my view that programmers don’t actually use the stuff they write (and I used to write accounts software).

In general Tide is great though, and it’s good to be in at the beginning of all this…


I completely agree on your comment. Invoicing is a great feature but limited. How can you not delete an invoice…

Going to keep using Wave Apps for accounting / invoicing.

Plus 1 for Tide and WaveApps integration


Hi @FIFTY4, thanks for your feedback. Our invoicing feature is in its early stages and we hope to improve it in due course.


Surely it can’t be difficult to be able to delete invoices


+1 for ability to delete invoices.


Hi Viktoria - any further news on your plans to enable invoice deletion?

Also, on the subject of invoices, are there any plans to:

  1. Edit the sender’s name - it currently prints out my full name, which looks, well, kind of odd. (Not the name, just the fact it’s there in full!)

  2. ‘Hide’ Tide’s email address as the sender - I am finding that the ‘no reply’ Tide email address has a tendency to drop into intended recipients’ junk folders and/or not be recognised as coming from my company.



Hi @MRMM, yes we do have plans to enable invoice deletion as we want to give our members more customisation options.

In fact, I’ve actually been working with the Product Managers to see how we can improve our invoice feature for the whole community. Your experience is very valuable to us so I’ll contact you privately for more feedback and suggestions.


Don’t try and compete everywhere – your offering for banking is so good you should ditch invoicing in your product (it isn’t your core business) and instead focus on providing a great API and deep integration with relevant partners.

Several users on this thread have already mentioned Wave Apps – I stumbled upon them the other day and would echo that sentiment. Xero is a good start, but it’s a pricey option by comparison. Look to keep barriers low and your uptake will boom.


I found this thread because I was looking for the same information.
I agree there should be the option to delete test invoices.


Morning, any further update on this, as I’d like to be able to delete an invoice, appreciate this isn’t your core business but it shouldn’t be difficult to add this facility as I find the invoice feature invaluable…also love the account so well done, keep up the good work.



Thanks for reaching out @pblythswood,

Glad to hear you’re loving your Tide account!
We don’t have an update on deleting invoices at this stage, however we are looking into it and we’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as we have more information :slight_smile:

You can also stay tuned on our blog, this is where we share all updates and new feature releases.


As a Tide newbie I did exactly the same as @SGAdair - any update on this?


Hi @benhoward,

I’m afraid we still don’t have a timeline for this - but we’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as we do.

You can also have a look at our Product Roadmap here.

Let me know if you have any questions about Tide, I’m happy to help :slight_smile:



Still nothing? This was first requested in August 2017! How difficult can it be?


Jesus give us deleting invoices !
Also automatic email reminders would be great c’mon


Hi @razbox and @congellous,

We’re definitely looking to build the ability to track and delete invoices, but this will be part of a bigger project that we’re hoping to achieve later this year.

We’ll update this thread as soon as we have an update.

Thanks for your patience and let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: