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Have now been waiting 7 working days for new business account to be set up. Have tried messaging through the in-app support and sending emails but have heard nothing back.

Is there anyone that can advise me? Such a poor experience from a bank that initially looked good.

Hi there @CoopBrum

Thank you for reaching out about this, I’ve let the onboarding team know about this so they can look into your application and reach out as soon as possible.


The team have reached out to you via email to assist you, please have a look when you can so they can get your application back on track!


Can you do the same for our application please. We have a red app badge and emails from you saying to check the app for new messages…but there are no new messages showing in the app and we have answered all the questions asked about shareholders. Our emails are not being responded to.
We really need to get an account opened asap.
Please respond.

Thank you for reaching out @habitgroup

I’ll definitely have the team look into this for you as well.

Thank you for your patience thus far!


Dear Obi

Can we get an update please. We will be 5 working days from application tomorrow and I do not know if you need more information from me or not.



Thanks for getting back to me on this, Mecah.

I do apologise for the delay in addressing your application. I believe the team are reviewing it currently and you shouldn’t have to wait much longer.



I’ve also been waiting for a long time now. I’ve sent numerous emails asking for updates but no response. At least an update would be great so I know whether I should apply elsewhere.

Thank you for following up on this @zanzisourcing

We’ll do what we can to get back to you soon, I do apologise for the delays in the onboarding process.

The team will be working hard to restore the timescales for this to normal as soon as possible.


@obi Hello Obi, I have experienced the same as everyone else basically. I have had no feed back to my application after the app froze I deleted it and re downloaded it . Now the app is stuck on the ‘verifying your details’ screen 5 days after initially applying for the account. This isn’t very good business practice. Hopefully you can have somebody contact me and resolve this issue. Kind regards, Jarrad