Delayed BACS payments



I was expecting a payment to clear today from a supplier, and despite their remittance stating that payment was sent on Friday for cleared funds today, I have not received anything. Seems coincidental that there are ongoing issues with Faster Payments also.

Is anyone else experiencing issues?


i have a regular payment go in every tuesday that hasn’t happened today so something is a miss


Thank you for letting me know. It’s no real consolation but I’m a little relieved it’s not just an issue with my account.


Hi @Clifton, @bertys, I can confirm that the issue our banking partner experienced only affected faster payments made into Tide accounts between 13:00 Sunday and 13:00 Monday.

These payments are in the queue and are being processed. If your payment hasn’t arrived yet, it should be processed within the next few hours. We’re really sorry for the inconveniences this might be causing .

If you have any other questions or queries, do email us at and someone from our Member Support team will be in contact with you.

Thank you, Ali


I had a payment made on Friday and due to clear today.

This is affecting my business. You should be ashamed of yourselves as a bank. This is happening all the time. I expect an update!


I haven’t received my payment either. Tide are absolutely useless.

I’m jumping ship asap.


Hi @Ali-C_at_Tide, unfortunately that simply cannot be true. The payment I am expecting was sent on Friday via BACS with cleared funds due today and it’s not showing. This is having a huge impact on my business and is costing me money the longer it goes on.


Hi @Clifton, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused, we were made aware of the BACS issue this morning and we’ve updated our community post to reflect this: Issue affecting inbound Faster Payments - 10th June 2019. We want to be as transparent as possible and will continue to share any updates we receive from our finance partner.
Thank you, Ali


Do you have a timescale for this to be fixed?


@PLKinsey I’m sorry for the delays you’ve experienced. Our finance partners are working to process the payments which were made during this outage period and as soon as we receive an update we will be in touch. We understand how frustrating this experience must have been and sincerely appreciate your patience.


@Grun unfortunately we do not have a time frame at the moment, but we will provide an update here on community and via Twitter as soon as we have any further information.


Hi I am also waiting for payment from my sub contractor, I am being charged by other accounts because of this issue, please could you sort this ASAP.


@Ali-C_at_Tide I appreciate the additional information but I have to say it’s a little more than disappointing that we are only hearing of this today when your banking partner has been sitting on it for days?
Can you please clarify the message for me? Where you say that payments in that window are missing, do you mean that they are actually missing or that they got blocked somewhere and are now being processed?


Do you expect it to be resolved today? Tomorrow? This week?


@Clifton I completely understand your frustration. The standard processing time for BACS payments is 3 working days, which is why the issue with BACS payments, from Thursday 17.30, were notified to us today.
A processing error with our banking partner caused the affected payments to be paused, and queued. These payments are now being processed.
@Grun we’re working with our banking partner to make sure all payments made during the outage are processed today, but I’m afraid I can’t give a more precise timeline. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have more info.


Hi @Ali-C_at_Tide this explains the issues on Thursday, but for me where i’m missing over 10K payment today there has been no word from your team or confirmation of issue via the Customer Support. I just need a timeline.


So when this mess is sorted are we still going to have to wait another 3 days for the BACS payments to be processed? We need info! It’s already costing people money and business!


Money Arrived.


Great to hear it @bmurphy, I’m very sorry for the delay.
@m125 as soon as the BACs files are processed the funds will be credited immediately, there will be no further delays.


Money arrived for me also