Delay transferring money and slow customer service


Yesterday at 9am I tried to transfer money to complete a property purchase and the payment was blocked for security checks.

It took over 24h for customer service to respond and they just said they would chase the relevant team. That was at 8am today and now at almost 6pm I have not heard any more.

I am now in danger of incurring financial penalties or losing the property altogether. 2 working days since we were supposed to complete and now it’s the weekend so that’s a further 2 days delay minimum.

I fail to see what security checks Tide need to carry out. I have paid this solicitor from this account before; and my multiple messages must be clear that this is a genuine transaction. I have even tried transferring the money back to my personal account which is where the money came from in the first place - and I’ve previously paid into it (that transaction was also blocked).

I look forward to an explanation as to why I cannot access my own money.


Hi there @ConceptLA

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. I completely understand how alarming pauses like this can be. Every time we place a temporary pause on a member’s account, it’s always to ensure that they are safe, and that we are compliant with all of the regulations we ourselves must adhere to.

I’m glad to see that the team have been able to complete their checks and reach out to you about this, if you need any kind of assistance, please don’t hesitate to let me know.