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Hi There,

Its been more than 14 days since I filed my application and there is no update. I applied for a loan application at the same time and to my surprise my business loan application has been approved but my tide bank account is still being reviewed. I honestly do not understand how is this operating, I reached out to you via email and all I am getting is a same automated response every time with my name addressed to it and don’t get me started on the app, first my message never gets through and if by chance it does there is no response. I opened google to see your reviews and now noticed that everyone has the same complaint.


When you say business loan, do you mean the loan from the Tide partner Iwoca or a BBL?


Hi there, @Charanpreet

I can see that you do have an application with us for a business current account - the team have reached out to you today to address this. Our onboarding team have had a lot of applications come through and it will take more time than usual.

We’ll make sure to address this to them so we can get it back on track.



I applied for a bounce back loan on May 29th
On the 18th of June I was on the waiting list (578586)
On July 5 (578586) so no change
It is clear that they could not get money and will not receive 100% for sure


I submitted all requested information last month but have heard nothing further. The app will not allow me to send a message and the function appears to be blocked can someone please give me an update on this ?

Do you have a customer support email address ?


Chris Wright


Still looking to open a new account with Tide??


Hi there @Fringebear

Thank you for reaching out here and sorry to keep you waiting!

I’ve alerted the Onboarding team regarding your appolication so they can get it back on track as soon as possible.



Where’s the Head of Community???
Think she should be answering some of these members questions???
Was active a lot prior to this ???
All hiding away from there customers!!!


Hi @oscar, Valentine is currently having a much deserved break, but the rest of the team are on hand to answer our members queries.


Hi @Obi_at_Tide

Thanks for getting back to me, when can I expect a response ? Can you please paste below the information that you passed to the onboarding team ? I am still unable to send a message through the app.



I’m guessing if she’s got any sense looking for another job.


Thanks @Fringebear

I’ve passed this along and chased this up for you once again, I hope we won’t be keeping you waiting much longer.



Hi @obi_at_tide

As I asked in my previous email can you please paste below the request that you sent to the second level ? I


Can I get an update on this ? You have not completed my previous request and Inhave heard nothing further from thw second level team


Thanks for following up on this @Fringebear

I’m not quite sure I follow in regard to a second level team, but I have stressed to the Onboarding team how long you’ve waited thus far.

We’ve had a lot of applications come in recently and the team do have something of a backlog, I’ve asked them to give you priority given how long you’ve waited, but it is up to them to review your application and get back to you. I hope you won’t have to wait long.




Ok so Ill ask again, can you please copy below the message that you have sent to the onboarding team for my records. I do not believe any action had been taken here to resolve this.


Hello, there.

I do appreciate that it has been a long wait, I have made sure to stress this to the team and I hope you won’t have to wait much longer.


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