Customer Service is a myth



I have attempted multiple payments this morning which have all been inexplicably blocked. The App responds to say someone will be in contact shortly. Absolutely nothing, I’ve spent 2 hours trying to get at least acknowledgement from someone about the issue.

Like everyone else here, I’m trying to run a business. I have payments due and impacts if they are not.

The lack of response and engagement is awful. If payments are blocked for a security reason surely you should be proactively reaching out to your customers to resolve.


I’ve also had £8.5k of fraudulent transactions yesterday, and customer service response has been spotty (someone got in touch 5 hours later around 11pm, but then nothing today.


Hello, We are very sorry to hear that this has happened. Could you please tell us your company name and one of our member support agents will be in touch shortly to assist you. Thank you!