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I’ve referred a few friends to tide and I’m hoping to receive my referral bonus soon! Its been 6 weeks waiting so far!

Just some feedback below and an opportunity for tide to respond too.

  1. Just wondering why it takes 6-8 weeks to validate? I’m sure it could be done far quicker than this. Seems an awfully long time !
  2. It would be great if there was an email sent confirming your referral code had been used. I’ve seen this with other referral programs and provides some reassurance that your friend has entered the referral code correctly.
  3. Are there different kinds of referral codes used by tide? I’ve seen a few where no card transactions are needed and others that require £500. Would be great if there were all set to zero. I don’t use my card at all but I have a significant amount of funds in my account. . . I would not get a bonus in this instance which seems a little unfair.

Thank you guys and keep up the good work

I provided my referral code to 3 of my friends who all joined Tide based on my recommendation. I just checked with them all and they have all made valid card transactions of over £500. Not sure how long it takes for Tide to provide the £50 reward - but we are at 8 weeks or thereabouts. This should really be automated and should never take this long.

Will keep an eye on it this week - or send a message through the app if I don’t hear back. I’m sure this is TIDE just waiting for the chargeback/dispute period to elapse before paying.

If this is the feedback forum - then my feedback is that it there shouldn’t be a minimum card transaction value before paying rewards. I mean how many people go through all the trouble of opening a new BUSINESS bank account with ID requirements etc for £50 unless they need the bank account.

I did see an offer a few weeks ago with a TIDE invite code which paid £90 to new customers and it didn’t have the same £500 transaction clause before pay out. So I’m sure it can be done for current customer referral codes rather than just affiliate referrals.


Hey there, thanks for your post! Let me see if I can cover all your questions here:

  1. It takes this long because the team that handles the promotions have a lot of them to go through, and they credit the bonuses as they become eligible.

  2. That’s definitely a great suggestion, and it’s something we’ll look into. For now, you can just ask the Member Support team in the app and they’ll be able to check on that right away, either for yourself or for anybody you’ve referred.

  3. Specifically for referrals, right now the offer is the same for everybody, but it has changed a bit in the past, and might again!

Again, if you need anything, drop us a line in the app, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

2 months later


I can see you guys are really stretched at the moment :frowning:

But was wondering when someone would be looking at referral bonuses. I’ve referred a couple of friends and I have just checked the dates with them and it’s been over 8 weeks since they completed £500 of transactions and still no sign of reward.

I can see plenty of customers here who have bigger issues that you are needing to prioritise … but thought I would give you a heads up that someone in the team probably needs to look at referrals as it seems to have been forgotten :wink:

Still can’t figure out why with such a great app - you can’t automate the process. Maybe once you are through the peak demand - something to consider for the future !


Hi @effayyess,

Thanks for reaching out to us and thank you for your feedback. It is very much appreciated!

Could you please confirm your company name so we can have one of our member support agents contact you to further assist you?

Thanks in advance.

12 days later


Didn’t want to leave my details here .
So decided to use the in app message service about 10 days ago…

Bit of a disaster really. Says failed to read message or something … So heard nothing back. I know you guys are crazy busy with BBLs. And I know other customer have bigger issues … so you probably should prioritise them !

But at some point it would be nice if someone went through the data and updated the reward payments for those who are owed … I’ve referred a few people but have heard nothing back :frowning:

I will hold off on referring anyone else till I know the process is working properly. It’s one thing me not getting the payment … but it’s entirely different when it also means the people I have referred don’t get the bonus either - as that doesn’t make me look great either .


Thank you for following up @effayyess

Unfortunately without any details we won’t be able to look into your messages and get you a response more quickly. If you can share your trading name or company name, we’d be happy to look into this and assist you.

If you’re having issues seeing the messages in-app, you can also log in on your computer via More -> Log in on your computer, where you should be able to see the messages without issue.