Currently can't log in to Tide via iOs app


Trying to log into tide via iOS app, need to make payment urgently, but all i get is “Account connection failure”. I’ve tried on wi-fi and on 4G, but can’t seem to get through.

Is there currently an outage?


Hello! Kindly note that we are experiencing an unexpected outage. Please rest assured we are working hard on resolving this.We will make sure to inform you once this is resolved. Your patience in the meantime is highly appreciated!


Any update on when we’ll be able to access our accounts again?



Hi Tide,

Do you have a process in place or mechanism to notify users if there is an unexpected outage and keep us informed.

It doesn’t seem right that we have to find out at the time that we are trying to use our account and the only way we can find out whats happening is to trawl a forum.



Agreed, I think there should be some kind of banner on the website or a service status page like many other companies have.


I also can’t get in and need to pay my tax today. Any idea of how long this will take? How will you notify us once it is resolved?


Yes, a system status on the landing page would be good, and an ETA.

I was able to get a payment through earlier and the service had been working on and off (I just sat there hitting retry until it worked). I got enough service for me to get 1 payment through anyway and view the balance.

Outage couldn’t have come at a worse time, as we needed the transfer funds, so the wholesaler could release goods, as we were shipping them same day to Heathrow, to get on a charter flight later today.

I know other people have urgent payments to do too, so just a reminder to tide, when these outages happen they affect real people’s businesses in substantial ways.


Not the best time for an outage - it’s pay day in the UK today and I have many employees waiting for their wages.

Is there any indication of when this will be resolved so that I can set my employees mind at ease?


Same issue. Quite urgently need to make payments today. When will this be resolved??


Is there any backup facility for us to make payments via a laptop? Currently I have to authorise any payments through the app, and I need the app to be working in order to log in. Seems a bit daft to not build in some sort of backup.

As it stands I’ve got some very unhappy staff and no way to appease them.


A ballpark estimate of how long this will take to fix, or more transparency about the issue would’ve been the right thing to do from Tide’s point of view.

Whatever’s going on is causing us problems with making time critical payments.


The lack of a back up plan is pretty poor on Tide’s part.
As is the lack of communication.
Put the two together and it’s just not very good!
I’ve always said that it’s easy too look good when everything is working and going well but the true test comes when something goes wrong. And, in my eyes, Tide aren’t doing very well in that test at the moment!


I’ve emailed the support team but so far had no response.


Same problem here. Need to pay wages and suppliers.

Absolutely no information from Tide regarding the outage other than having to sign up for and work out through this community.


Has anyone been able to get in? the only way I found out about the issue was going on here, there should be an alternative method for authentication to get in via the website rather than just the app…


Just received an email from Tide, advising that the’re an outage! No S^*t Sherlock!
Still, it only took them 5 hours to notify us!!


Yeah, I’ve got a £20k tax bill to pay today! This can’t be happening!!!


Can we still lift money from the atm


Can we still lift money from a bank machine


I’m waiting for an emergency payment, and I have to make an emergency payment. Today is my last date for an expensive exhibition. I lose more than 5000 pounds if I don’t do it by 5:30. What to do. I will ask for a refund.