Create invoices on Tide or in Xero


Just getting started with a new Tide account and have synced it to a new Xero account. Slightly confused as to best practice regarding invoices. Is it best to create invoices in Tide or in Xero? Could someone please explain the benefits or otherwise of using one versus the other? Not sure how complete the integration is. Many thanks, Steven


Hi @stevenlyis,

We would suggest creating the invoice in the app if you need to create one. I’ve also attached a link below to the benefits of using Xero with the Tide account and how the new integrations works.

Let me know if you require any further assistance.

Thanks, Waiel


Thanks. Do the invoices export into Xero? I’m still unsure about exactly how the integration works. Can I create a dummy invoice in Tide to test this? If so, am I able to delete the invoice afterwards?


Hi @stevenlyis ,

Apologies for the delay in responding back to you.

This isn’t a feature that is possible at the moment. If you create a dummy invoice you won’t be able to delete the invoice for auditing purposes so this isn’t something that we suggest.

Thanks, Waiel

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