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With the current coronavirus outbreak we have all had to re-organise and adapt to a crisis situation, which most of us have never experienced.

Given the new challenges many of us are facing with working remotely, we would like to hear from you, our members, what your best tips are. We’ll share some of them in a blog post so other small business owners can benefit from your expertise .

  • How are you maintaining motivation?

  • How do you keep up productivity?

  • If you have a team, how do you successfully manage your employees remotely?

  • Which tools / softwares do you most highly recommend to facilitate remote work?

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Hey fellow founders! As someone who’s worked from home for a number of years, I’ve got some tips that might help.

  1. :sun_with_face:Morning routine is everything. Get up at your normal time.
  2. :chart_with_upwards_trend: I make a list of every task I’ve got to do, then make two columns. One is how much time each task will take, in the next is how urgent it is, ranked high, medium, or low. From there I put them in order to work through – the urgent ones first, sometimes broken up my small 30 minute medium tasks. I like the ‘eat your frog’ analogy – your frog is your worst task, so do it first and the rest of your day can only get better.
  3. :alarm_clock: I love the pomodoro technique. Google it – it’s essentially a timer you use on your desktop where you work in 20 minute intervals with zero distractions (phone off, just deep work) then you have a five-minute break. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Change location. This might be just going from the kitchen table to the living room. Not sure why it works, but it’s like pressing a reset button. Don’t work from your bedroom…keep it purely for sleep.
  5. :herb: Use your breaks and get away from screens. If you can, go outside for a walk (also walking calls or meetings are great).
  6. :raised_hand:t4:Stop working. If you get everything done, don’t work eight hours for the sake of it. Turn your emails off (or pause them using Boomerang for gmail) and enjoy the rest of your day.

Greetings to all!

I’d like to answer point by point:

  1. Maintaining motivation:
    During this pandemic times, the first thing to think is your safety and your loved one safety. So, to stay motivated, fight to keep them safe and fit. Communication is a crucial aspect of that. Keep up all channels of discussions with them open. Be in touch often with your team and encourage them to speak up about their problems.

  2. Productivity:
    Slightly tricky to keep 100% productive when you work from home, but not impossible. Sometimes there are kids around you, and occasionally other factors will interfere with your work. But the most critical factors: create your own space, have works intervals and alternate them with a short break. Ex: 2-3 hours work-15 minutes break.

  3. Manage your team remotely:
    Check on them frequently. Ask them questions not only about job tasks, 5 min Q&A as a coach session. Don’t be too bossy with them, be human and have compassion and empathy.

  4. About tools:
    a. Microsoft Teams works well, especially when the network is bustling. If you want to deliver online training, is essential.
    b. Zoom seems to work slowly, possibly the same reason: a crowded network.
    c. Skype/WhatsApp and other video calls, appears to be ok for short conversations. If you want to discuss over 20 minutes, sometimes you will lose signal, blurry image, etc.

That’s my point of view as a psychologist and business professional involved in the adult education field. Apologies for mistakes in my writing.

God bless you all and keep you safe, steady and healthy during this difficult times!

Hello boys and girls,
I have been working remotely with my small team for number of years, here are some tips that I believe you will find valuable.

  1. Morning rituals are everything for me. Every morning, I meditate for 10 minutes (using calm app), I wrote in stoic journal, read one chapter from stoic journal, do priming for 20 minutes, go for a run, write in my journal 5 things I’m grateful, 10 goals in future tense, and 5 achievements.

  2. Blocking time to do things - so I would block 2 hours for calls with clients or 2 hours to write a blog post, 2 hours to do a podcast. In those hours I don’t do anything else except the task.

  3. My phone is always on silent - has been for the past 3 years. All my social media notifications are switched off.

  4. I use toggl.com 1 to track my time and monitor at the end of the day how much time I spend working on different tasks. Every Sunday I review my week and see if it was a productive week or not.

  5. At 18:00 I take my dog out for a walk and take a short break. I don’t cook as I’m on huel so I save time there. After 18;00 until I go to bed I work on my business - articles, writing, connecting on LinkedIn etc.

  6. The goal is to be super focused and treat your golden hours as golden (09:00-17:00)

  7. Every Sunday I work from a hotel in London as I like to change scenery. Now it’s not possible to do that so I would change the location of my table in the room - remove everything from the table and have just my laptop.

  8. I’m a minimalist so by removing stuff around me helps me keep focused as I hate seeing a lot of things, it’s distracting.

Hope it helps.