Contact by telephone


Is therte any way of actually speaking to a human being?


Good morning Iain,

I can assure you that the in-app chat support is all agents who look to help our members and offer our services wherever possible.

As per our FAQs on our website, you can request a call back at any time should you wish to speak with an agent over the phone. I apologise if this service was not offered in your instance. This will be flagged to our servicing team which will be investigated internally and the necessary training and action will be taken.

I believe you should now be able to operate your account seamlessly. If there’s anything else we can assist you with, please do get in touch with us through the in-app chat or

You can always mention my name (David) as I will be more than glad to help! :blush:

Enjoy the weekend and we wish you all the best!


I’ve tried every method you’ve offered to get in touch - app, email, here, but no one is replying. Please respond. I have an account under a company name and can’t get access. I need to re-register but the app will only let me go through a new application. Please help.