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I have just recently opened an account with tide and I am really confused with the trading address thing.
For example: my companies name as registered in the company house is “AA” . I have three different type of businesses running using the same registered company and only the Trading as name is different.

in Tide app when you go to the profile section and select the business details options, firstly where you get the REGISTER COMPANY DETAILS - where in my case is “AA” but in the trading address section should I put as “AA” or the intended trading name which is “BB”.

i am confused. Could someone kindly help me with this. I have messaged the customer support there is no reply, i have also tried for requesting a call back . but nothing

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    Nov '20
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    Nov '20
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Hi there @studylivework

Typically, we expect that the trading address is the one that our members’ business operate from, which we understand is not always the same as the address at which it’s registered at.

You’ll always be able to change the trading name and address in the app, but please bear in mind that each account is only intended to handle the transactions related to the business they are opened for, which for our purposes is the company registered in Companies House.

I hope this clarifies, let me know if you need anything further!