Confusion when sending payments to same account with different references



I need this for paying council tax / business rates on >1 property - the council receives business rates & council tax into the same bank account, but each payment wants a different reference.

When you add a new payee, it wanrs that the reference “will be used for all future payments”. So I naturally go ahead & create a second recipient with the same sort/account but a different reference - but it says No, I have to delete the first payee and create a new one (involving an SMS confirmation, reentering the same numbers again). I’ve got 5 to do!

Luckily I remembered from that actually the reference is confirmed for each payment, it’s not “for all future payments” at all.

It’d be convenient if I could store all 5 payees separately, with different references, but I can see the UI problems that’d cause.

But the text around the references being “for all future payments” is definitely wrong. Not sure how best to fix that but thought I’d register where it tripped me up.

Keep up the good work though :slight_smile: