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I have tried to open a business account for the past few weeks, and despite continued efforts the On-Boarding team insists that the confirmation statement from the companies house does not show the current share distribution.

Our company is a Private Limited Liability Company with ONLY TWO DIRECTORS : My wife and I with one (1) share each. (This is the same configuration with another PLLC we own and incidentally this other company has a business current account with one of the major high street bank since 2015)

If our company is a PLLC and with only two directors, does this not mean with only a share each, the share distribution is 50% each ?
This company was incorporated in 2013, and each year we submit a confirmation statement and each year it was accepted.

We have had to submit another confirmation last Thursday (despite it not due till November 2020) just to make sure it is updated (Tide Bank’s demand) and was accepted, yet, Tide Bank still replied that it did not show THE CURRENT SHARE DISTRIBUTION ( though the two directors were named and the share(s) each director owned was indicated by the statement.

Can anyone offer an opinion and/or a piece of advice ?

I am at my wits end

Kind regards

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Thank you for letting us know about this @abint

While I won’t be able to assist with this directly here, I will be reaching out to the team to look into the matter and address this for you. We try to keep the onboarding process as simple as possible, and we’ll do what we can to get yours back on track.


Thanks for getting back! This is comforting. Looking forward to a successful conclusion.

Kind regards and have a pleasant week