Complaint 2


Please explain to me why my account is still frozen, I need this matter resolving today as I need this account active for my business to survive.
I am unsure why you are reviewing accounts, as this does not happen in any other bank.


Hello @Teresa

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Our member support team contacted you via the in app chat.

Please rest assured that our relevant departments will keep you updated.



Hi Boris
For some reason I am now unable to open the chat in the app.
I will need this resolving today as our business depends on this account being active.


Update please??


Update required please


I was sent 350£ 01/07/2020 1.31pm and since that moment my account has been frozen Got my card showd active in app I have contacted Tide Numerous of times no reply I am becoming depressed I have no money I have no job I play a Virtual life game and I do blogging so I misunderstood the account I got paid to 3-D meshing But it’s not a company it’s a choice I just have aspirations to turn it into a business there is no number to contact you you won’t answer my emails please give me my money back this is not fair this is theft anybody applying for Tide don’t you dare I never experienced anything like this before


Hello @Worsecompany2020,

We are sorry to hear about the experienced inconvenience.

Could you please confirm your company name? We will then follow up and prioritize the case!

Looking forward to your reply.



I don’t have a company I have aspirations to open a company I’m just a social media blogger


Hi there @Worsecompany2020

I can see that the colleagues from the responsible team have reached out to you regarding this. I understand that a disruption like this is quite concerning, but please refer to them for any more infomration.