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Going to close my account soon as I am closing my company down but can’t seem to find much details about what happens once its closed, so can somebody help me with the below:

  1. How do I pay the Tide fees for the final transactions? (I’ve withdrawn most of the funds over the last few days)
  2. Do you provide any paperwork upon the account closing confirming the account is empty and closed?
  3. How do I access the final month’s statement once this is created?
  4. Once I submit the request to close the account how long does it take to close the account?

Thanks in advance


Hi @Bielsabub,

Thanks for letting us know this info isn’t easy enough to find - we’ll make sure to add it to our FAQ. In the meantime I’ve explained below the steps to take :slight_smile:

Please, send an in-app message to our Member Support team to request to close your account. We recommend that you wait until the 4th of the month following your last account use so you can get your final statement.

If you need an account closure email, you can request it in your message, and the team will make sure to send it to you. In regards to the fees, the team can let you know how much you should leave in your account to pay your last month’s fees if you’re unsure of the exact amount.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help.

Best of luck in all your future endeavours :slight_smile:


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