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Based on the probable size of the list you must have now, its cruel to allow people to join it. Most people are joining cause they have no other options, so by letting them join, all you are doing is putting their hopes on a high, when the reality is, you will probably never be in a position to actually deal with them, The list gets bigger, all you are doing is creating a massive problem for yourselves as a bank. When the dust settles, how many customers do you think will stay with you, when they feel betrayed and tricked into opening accounts.

People are opening accounts because they want BBL, not because they want you as their bank. get that clear in your collective heads. There are plenty of options for companies doing the same as Tide (ie: not giving out loans)

I have been in position 1032 for over a month now and its not moved, so this says to me, I may be one of the lucky ones, assuming you get at least £50M more at max loan to company ratio.

The scary thing is, you keep saying you are giving out loans, so why is no one moving up the list.

I really wish someone in Tide would just be honest and tel the truth. If there is no funds and no chance of funds, tell us, so we can start the wind up process, its pointless keeping people hanging on, we are using credit cards to keep our companies alive, which means more debt. Which would be paid off with BBL, but without BBL, all we are doing is creating personal debt, and this is not fair on us.

Man up and tell the truth. Your “public position app” was promised a month ago. Anyone with half a brain for dev could push out a web app and pull this data from your DB and display it visually. It would be no more than a couple hours work at most. which means you are deliberately not doing it.

If it turns out that you did not have funds and have no way of getting them, you will probably end up being held responsible on false promises by enticing people to join the waiting lists and open accounts.

My account name is hosting.io 6 if anyone of you want to follow up directly with me

Jody Nesbitt

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I agree it should be closed…should have been closed many weeks ago.

I really would not put much hope or faith in your waiting list number. I have been given 3 different numbers…started at 11565, then 22578 most recent 14327…

Even if the numbers issued were correct (which they clearly are not) why would your number move?

If you are unfortunate to find yourself in Argos on a Saturday afternoon, you are issued a number when you place the order for your product…your number remains the same until you are served…not that difficult to comprehend, yet twitter/facebook users seem to have issue grasping the concept

Because in argos you’re told that that’s your order number.

Here we’ve been told it’s our place in the queue…
By definition a queue is a moving figure…

You weren’t told that 11565 was your order number, however that 11565 was your place in the queue…
I.e a moving figure… not an argos order number…

  1. Tide refer to this as ‘waiting list’ - definition of a waiting list; “list of people waiting for something, such as housing or admission to a hospital or school.”…no mention of the movement of the sequential number.

  2. For your info - The definition of a queue; “line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed.”…again no mention of the movement of the sequential number.

  3. When you take your “order number” (as you referred to it as) in Argos, what happens? You join a queue/waiting list and await your turn to be served…you continue to physically move forward within that queue, yet the assigned number remains the same.

  4. Whatever you refer to it as - the process is the same. You are given a number and then you wait until that number is next.

It’s really not that difficult

Lol tide has 0 funds. Will be a lot of disappointed people on here. Get real people check them out. If your waiting for tide to issue bbl you will go under. I’m withdrawing all funds. This is the type of bank to go tits up. Handful of people work there. All accounts and cards etc sent out by a different company.

Can everyone please make sure they have signed this petition, a bbl would be great but getting what is rightfully owed to us would be better.
We can’t all have a pop at the new kids on the block, if your waiting for a bbl then you are also a business, its a tough time for every business at the moment unless your amazon or a supermarket. Please sign the petition and lets all make a stand.
We should be the ones protesting on the streets, we have all been wrongfully and unlawfully treated, we shouldn’t need to apply for a bbl that we have to pay back. As tax payers we should be treated fairly

if the numbers are not a count down metric which was my assumption, then there is no point at all in giving them out, as there is no context, its not like we have a queue speed to see how fast its moving or anything else. It’s juts an arbitrary number with no context, which is even worse and more insulting.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, everybody.

I and the rest of the team here absolutely understand that this is a difficult time and we’re quite anxious to share more definitive updates on our progress.

We are still working on securing additional funding and will announce more on this when we can, and we want to be fully transparent in that we cannot guarantee to any individual member that they will be able to receive a bounce back loan from us.

Kind regards,

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