Close Community Account


Why did you delete my community account?? - i had an account for ages and i’ve asked many questions. Today you said you had no account for me and i was forced to create a new one. Then i get this message:

“For safety reasons, we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you.”

This is absolute nonsense and very upsetting - i was one of your founder members :frowning:

My card has also been blocked and you “help” online is very unhelpful, I’m afraid


This is the same when creating a new community user on all Discourse communities, e.g. with Amaiz, Monzo, Starling, etc. It is not specific to Tide only.


Hi Tony,
I have just sent you an email to get the bottom of this for you :slight_smile:


The real question is what happened to my previous id – which I had for a long time.

I also need to change my user name – I did not realise that it was my displayed name. Can I do that or do I need to close down the entire user?



Hi @Ross, looks like you should be all sorted now, if there’s anything else we can help you with do just let me know :slight_smile: