Chat feature not working


This is now the 3rd consecutive day I’ve been unable to send a message in the chat feature of the TIDE app - it just says “unable to send, tap to retry” and I’ve been retrying multiple times since Saturday. I can understand that it was the weekend but it was my understanding that support was available 24/7.

As this is the only way of reaching the Tide team this is really frustrating and obviously as this is the only account for my business it’s massively concerning. I’ve already posted a couple of messages here in the forum about it but haven’t received any response yet. PLEASE can somebody help?!


Hi @rmiller,

Really sorry to hear this.

You can email our Member Support team on and an agent will be happy to help. Please make sure you include your business name and your full name.

I hope this helps.



I have tried doing this myself and currently had no response. I can’t currently access my account and I need this sorting ASAP.


Thanks for the email address Nick


I haven’t had any issues with Tide up to now (approx 18 months) but there seem to be a few similar issues here on the forum which is a little worrying.


No worries @rmiller!

Our tech teams are constantly working to make the app as smooth, effective and efficient as possible, and we welcome any feedback about issues you encounter. Please message in-app, or email, with a screenshot of the problem you are seeing and will investigate it for you.

Thank you for your ongoing support and your feedback. It is much appreciated.



As I mentioned, I’m not able to message in app as the feature isn’t working. That’s why I sent the above messages… in any case, I’ve sent an email over so hoping for some clarity soon


I’ve also been getting this issue with the app. There is certainly an issue with the messaging plugin they’re using. Though not ideal, using support messaging via desktop site has no issues at all and will probably be your best alternative till they find an resolution to the issue.


Cheers Jack



I have problem to get respond back in chat. It looks like there is some error. I need somebody to send me verification statement of my tide account.


Hi @rmiller,

I can see that you have been in touch with an agent from the Member Support team in regards to your query.

If you do have any other questions or queries, please reach out to the team as they will be happy to help.



Hi @Cloud9A,

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately I cannot see your account with the email that is associated with your Community profile.

Can you list your company name and I will get an agent from the Member Support team to reach out to you.

I hope this helps.



Hi @Nick_at_Tide yes someone contacted me suggesting I install the update available in the app store but there doesn’t seem to be any update available. Please could you advise as the in app chat feature is still not working.