Changing phones - need verification reset


I recently changed phones and tried to get my driver’s licence verified to access my accounts. However the app has now locked me out of this process. I am unable to complete my verification, and the support messages section of the app doesn’t work either.

Is it possible for the verification process to be reset?


Hi Varisht, apologies for the late response to this.

When changing your mobile device, you would need to do set up the account like you were creating a new account however instead of going to our Approval team , it would go to our Account Recovery team so they can confirm that the user is the account holder.

I can see that your account was approved yesterday evening. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner with this. If you have any other questions or queries do let our Member Support know either by messaging them via the app or email them at


so have done this do i just wait ?


Hi @bmwr12oor, I can see that Felicity from our Member Support team has been in touch with further instructions via the app and to your email. If we can assist with anything else, please don’t hesitate to respond to her.
Thanks, Ali