Changing mobile phones


My Motorola G4 mobile is old in the tooth and sometimes the buttons stick so have decided to change it for a Motorola G8.
Over the months i have noticed a large minority of people having problems when reconnecting with a new phone.
I use the mobile every night with my izettle account and cannot be without my mobile for more than about 6 hours.
How simple is it to change over?
Can i not just change over my SIM card to my new phone?


I have another phone how do l get tide downloaded ???


Hi there @Ploppy @bk48

You can always switch the Tide app over to a new device, the best way to do this would be to install it on the new device and go through account recovery.

The simplest steps for this are:

  1. Install the app on the device you want to use and boot it up.
  2. Select ‘I already have an account’ from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Fill in the details the app requests, make sure to have your ID handy, and to remember the email address that’s associated with your account.

Once the process is complete, the app will be set up on the new device and will be inaccessible on the old one. You can manage that further, then, from More -> Login and Security in the app.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.



First time I have changed my phone since having the Tide Acc… So far its been over 24hrs and I am still waiting for the app to come back to life!

Not quite so easy it would seem.


Good evening Charger, This is worrying. My mobile is finally giving up on me but i am loathe to change for a new one in case i cant get logged in again within 24 hours. Can you let me know how you get on ? Ploppy



The app has just come to life. So all is well. I think raising a question on the app is the start of it but things only get moving once you raise the same point on here.

Almost as if the app ask a question is not manned or looked live? Maybe the folks at Tide can tell us more!

I was waiting for a response on the app and then as soon as I raised the point here… boom the app comes to life.


Hi there @Charger @Ploppy

I’m glad to hear that the team were able to complete the manual checks on what you submitted for account recovery - sometimes that’s a necessary step when the scans don’t go through automatically.

That said, the in-app chat is looked at constantly, but please understand that a lot of members submit queries directly to us there, and the team are doing their best to address everybody in the order that they come in.

If it’s an urgent matter, you can certainly let us know about it here and we’ll do our best to assist.