Categorising new payments


After setting up a payment, you will arrive at this Confirmation screen.

To categorise the payment, tap the category box next to Choose a category. This will reveal a list of saved categories.

Tap the preferred category or tap Add to enter a new category.

If a rule to automatically categorise the recipient has been set up, the category box will already be populated, however you can change this category if needed.

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Payments & Transactions: Categorisation

It would be useful to have somewhere on the screen a note of how many characters fit in the field - rather than entries sometimes being too long and then finding them truncated (and potentially meaningless) when viewing your list of debits and credits!

Also, I like to use the same colours for different entries that, nevertheless, all fit into the same broad group e.g. mobile charges, landline, broadband, etc. for Communication expenditure but find that it’s very difficult without flipping back and forth to match the colours … could they not have a name or number to identity them (for selecting) - not to appear on/with them once they are in situ?


Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll be sure to look into this.


Can you tell me, are you able to split payments and assign them to different categories or can you only assign one category per transaction?