It appears if you edit an existing category by changing the name and color you lose the original icon that was associated with it forever.


Hi Paul,

I don’t know the detail exactly but I have experienced this and found that the ‘customisation’ is fixed ie use the title Bank and you will get the Icon of a bank. Change the name to anything else and the icon disappears. Change it back to ‘Bank’ and the icon reappears.

I have looked for a list of all predefined categories with icons but alas didn’t find it in the help or forums.

Perhaps someone from Tide could help with this list in a ‘positive newsflash’ to the userbase.



Hi Paul and GT,

Thanks for sharing your experience and your feedback!

We are working to introduce a functionality that will unable you to choose an icon when you create a category. This feature should give you more flexibility and choice.

Stay tuned!