Cash paid invoices


Hi I’m new to Tide and looking forward to using my new account. I sometimes get paid in cash and would appreciate an option on a sent invoice to say this was paid in cash and link it to a deposit in the Tide account.

Many thanks for you support in advance



Hi @afacciponti, welcome to Tide. Great to hear that you’re using your account. We’re always looking for feedback - thank you for your suggestion.


Thank you Viktoria for your response. I though I should bump this request and I was thinking about cash deposits… since the card is a pre-pay card is there not a facility for example go to the post office and top it up like many other prepay cards.

Obviously I imagine there is a cost to this but would it be something people would be willing to do to have the ability to make cash deposits.

Is cash deposits on the horizon and also the feature i mentioned above being able to invoice some one and mark it as paid in cash.


Hi @afacciponti, cash deposits are on the horizon. We’re working on introducing some options in the near future but are unable to disclose a timeframe just yet.