Card having my name rather than business name


Usually business cards will arrive having the business name in place of the card holders name. In this case Tide sends cards out in our personal name.

Can we at least be given an option to have the business name printed on our card?


At other places I have always had cards with both names on, company and cardholder.


I’d be perfectly happy with that also, the main issue being that card doesn’t state the business name anywhere.

This presents an issue when some places require me to show my business bank card to verify I’m a business owner.


I have a business account with both HSBC and barclays. Neither have my business name on , only my personal name, however in the top right corner they state “Business” or “Business DEBIT”.


According to the ISO 7812 standard, the credit or debit card numbers are not directly tied with an account title (which is a person name usually).

Such a number is made up a single digit MII, 6 digit IIN (also known as BIN number), a 9-12 digital account number and a final checksum digit that verifies the whole validity. There’s Luhn Algorithm for verifying the whole number.

Although there are mechanisms (with recent machine learning improvements) that can perform a reverse lookup on the payment card number to find an account title, these aren’t widely in use by all payment processors (just like on phone numbers).

So to answer your question, the account title doesn’t matter mostly (according to the standard). The issuing bank can write whatever they want on the card in their customization and that doesn’t change the real back-end account title.

With Tide cards being prepaid in nature, it makes sense to avoid writing business name on it. Obviously this may change but it is up to the issuing bank and their liking :slight_smile: