Card Fraud!


Hello Tide

I cannot believe in this digital age how poor communication has been when you’re needed the most. I noticed fraudulent transactions on my business account last night and funds have been reduced to pretty much ZERO!!! Its quite obvious to see these transactions were unusual, large amounts taken over 8 hour period and not anything like our typical spend or transaction.

Upon noticing ( Too late of course) I cancelled the card through the app, sent a message for help and to report this issue and tried to telephone for help. But guess what no help is available!! It has now been 18 hours since I first reported the fraud and NOTHING, no help, no support, no resolution, no action plan, nothing to reassure me in any way possible.

I run a small business, have suppliers to pay, staff to pay, bills to pay. This will certainly devastate my business without anything less than a swift resolution.

I’m holding out for help…


Hi Kris,

Thank you so much for getting in touch and letting us know about this. We apologise for any distress this is causing you and can confirm that our Disputes team has been made aware of your case and are going to prioritise it given the circumstances.

You’ve done well to cancel your card! This is important to protect the security of your account, and to prevent any further fraudulent activity.

We’re really sorry that you’ve been a victim of card fraud. We have sophisticated systems in place to detect suspicious activity on our members cards, unfortunately it’s impossible to get fraud detection 100% accurate all the time though. Please rest assured you’re protected against fraudulent transactions made on your Tide MasterCard.

Above all, our priority is to keep our members and their money safe, and to ensure that Tide accounts are not being used for illicit activity. Situations where fraud occurs are always treated with the utmost urgency. You can read more about our efforts here:

Thank you once again for raising this to our attention and we look forward to providing you with a solution as soon as possible!

Best wishes,