Card Fraud and poor response times


Hello, i require help regarding a fraudulent transaction i suspected went out of my account this morning. I notified Tide via the app that i was suspicious at 8.15in the morning. By 2pm i had heard nothing so mailed again. This time it took over an hour for a response telling me to freeze my card which i did.

I provided details of the suspected fraudulent transaction and waited another 2 hours to be told the issue was being passed to the dispute team. However, they said it could take 7 days to respond. As a small business this is completely unacceptable and having been told i cannot use my account, what am i supposed to do to pay people and in relation to Direct Debits.

I was given no information about what parts of my account and my money i could use and the response times are appalling.

What are other peoples experiences. I am considering closing account as i have lost trust in Tide’s ability to run efficiently and look after my money.



Hello @Benguin,

Thank you for getting in touch and sorry for the delay in our reply.

We can confirm that the case has been located and escalated to our dedicated team with urgent priority.

They will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our support team will contact you alternatively via e-mail so they can keep you updated on the matter.