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I run a successful business, I have overheads to pay. Contractors, salaries, rents. I cannot make transfers out of my account. After 4 days, dealing with 2 different people, very little comms, only 4 messages, they have not resolved the issue. I am extremely anxious. No answer on there phone lines. No further reply on the chat. There is 80k plus in my account. How can thy they not offer support? Or resolution. Just blank. Tide, please sort this out. What’s most concerning, they have the ability on other sites to answer good reviews within minutes, but are ignoring my SERIOUS issue.

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    Jul '20
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    Sep '20
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Hi there @Loulou,

We’re really sorry to hear this has happened.

We can see that one of our agents has contacted you via the in-app chat to further advise you on the matter.

Should you have any additional queries, please refer to the thread with our agent.

Thank you.

25 days later

Hello. I have a similar issue and I need to get it resolved ASAP. Yesterday, around 8 pm I ordered a new laptop from Apple (Order total: £4,133.75). It was supposed to arrive today. Today Apple sent me a message saying:
“There’s a problem processing the payment for your Apple order. Please contact your card provider”.

How come the payment is stuck? I would like to make sure that the payment is received by them ASAP and that I can get my laptop (cause my current one is almost not operating anymore and I have to work cause my clients are waiting!).

Could you please help me as soon as possible?

Hello @Tatiana,

Thank you for contacting us.

We can see that our relevant team is already looking into your case. They will back in touch as soon as they have further updates.

Let us know if you have any further questions. We are here to help!


Could the relevant team reply to me on the app. getting ahold of you is just unnecessarily hard

Hello @drffa

Thank you for reaching out.

The team working on your case will give you an update as soon as possible.

Your patience is highly appreciated!


8 days later

I’m having the same issue with sending money to Apple. Can Tide staff tell me why? I didnt even get asked for code to ensure that was me sending payment.

Hi there @Manda13

I’ll definitely look into this with the team, one possible reason for the payment might be the card itself, since it’s a prepaid card and Apple may not accept it for such large payments.

That is just an assumption at this stage, so I’ll ask the team to look into it further and get back to you with more details.


Ended up having to transfer monies to personal banking to make it happen. Not happy with Tide. this is a business investment from a business banking and unable to do that.

Thank you for getting back to me on this @Manda13

We do intend to see improvements in the long term, but for now the cards will be issued as prepaid cards, and this does come with some restrictions. I’ll certainly pass this along as feedback, it helps to know where we stand to improve.