Can't open an account



We have incorporated our LLP startup in UK. However, Me and my partner live outside UK. We have only a virtual address in UK which is mandatory for setting up a company.

Can you please help us open a business account for our LLP company? :pray:

We installed the app but we can’t sign up. we contacted the support team and they request to have a UK mobile phone number in order to open a Tide account.
We are a non UK residents and we don’t have a UK mobile number. :pensive:

Best regards,:grinning:


Hey @lnnyoussef

We require a UK phone number when signing up to Tide, adding new payees, and during the account recovery process.

Unfortunately we’ll be unable to complete your application without an active UK phone number.

If you’d like to discuss your application with our team, you can reach them at :slight_smile:


Hello! I have the same problem, but I do have a UK phone number!

I live in Italy but I have a LTD Company legally registered in UK. So I don’t have any residence in UK for myself, what address can I use? Please help me ASAP!


Hey @klimber,
If you’re having trouble entering your non-UK residential address during sign up, just enter your UK trading address and we can update everything once the application has been completed :slight_smile:


Hello Katie! Are yoy sure??? It could be like a little dream for me :slight_smile: I am searching for a good online bank account and seems so hard.
I have a business in UK and I am the italian director and seems so hard finding a good cheap bank account.

Now, you are so kind. Can you please tell me if TIDE is supported by Stripe, 2checkout or ANY gateway payments to receive payments by credit/debit cards? I am building an online Store with Shopify… please help!!! Please! Thank you so much in advance


Sorry for the delay in coming back to you @klimber!

Yes, Tide accounts can be integrated with card payment systems like Stripe :slight_smile:

If you need any help with your application, you can reach our Member Support team by emailing


Hi Katie, I have the same problem, I have insert the business address.
I am a resident out of the UK. I sent all the documents, I answered the questions but no one more answers me on the app and I do not know about my statment.


Hi @giacomo,

Sorry to hear you haven’t had an update from us.

Our on-boarding team are working hard to get through the increase in applications :slight_smile: I’ve asked them to reach out to you asap!

You should here from us soon.


Account sign up

No problem, the important thing is to solve.


I moved in the summer from 41 to 51 on the same road, how do I correct my application so that I can proceed with opening an account ?


I am trying to open a joint account with my wife. but the app freezes when I try to reactivate my application. Frustrating to say the lease.
Please make contact