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For majority of companies, it usually takes minutes - unless of course, one of the automated check fails!

If the automated checks fail then there are quite a few verifications which have to happen manually depending upon your location, your credit rating, number of directors in your company, their location and their credit profiles and profile of the business (as obtained by Companies House).
And this can take time, possibly from a few days to weeks!

Tide usually doesn’t disclose the exact details of security verification process but if you can message them via in-app Help, you can get more details on the status. Based on my experience, they do help you until the issue is resolved!

Thanks for that. Appreciate the response. I just wanted an idea of timescales.

I opened an account yesterday on my phone and the last automatic check failed, Anas sent me a response to say they were looking at it manually. Since then I have asked on three separate occasions for an update, with no response.

Looked at opening an account as countless reviews on the net stated that customer service was good and that you were an up-and-coming business, however; I feel like we haven’t got off to a great start so far, please at least keep me updated with a timescale, it’s hard enough running a business without being kept in touch.

Tide relies heavily on the third parties for completing checks (from where it probably then goes to PPS). There’s no ETA for these sort of things, because they are not allowed to tell you that (as there’s no pertain information for them to provide).

My Founder Member Manager is also @Anas_at_Tide. My experience has been quite positive. Although I’m one of the earliest Founder Members, one of the checks on my profile also failed (because of other director) and Anas kept me updated (every few days) until the issue was resolved.

Thanks for the reply; out of interest, how long did that take? Timescale isn’t so important but, keeping in touch with a client is.

Although I have speculated a lot on the forums about other things but because of the sensitivity of this very topic due to a degree of variable outcomes, I think I should not make that time-period public, just to avoid any false-positives; as it’s handled case-by-case!

I have just IM’ed you that instead (hopefully in-confidence) ;)!

Hi all,

@alanm Thanks for reaching out. One of our Founder Member Managers should have reached out to you via the in-app chat.

@MTH We’re so sorry for the delay in getting back to you - as mentioned by @0xjd, we aim to keep our Members updated as frequently as possible. One of our Founder Member Managers should have reached out through the in-app chat.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions, I would be happy to help :slight_smile:

Just a quick update from me:

Anas got in touch through the App this evening to let me know that everything was now setup and in place. Very happy overall, much better than the old fashioned way of banking for sure! And I am looking forward to getting things underway.

Note: Just wanted to say that; reading through the above sounds worse than it was, sometimes the words typed on a keyboard can come across harsher than if spoken, that was not my intention.

Hi Valentine, all sorted and couldn’t be happier. I was just frustrated as I wanted to start billing my client asap. Thanks for all your help

This is happening to me right now…

I’ve setup a new company, i’m the only director and employee at the moment, i had all the documentation from Companies House but the automation on the app got so far, found me, found the company, but said it could find the share holder - i have these documents.

I fully believe in this service and the App way of doing things, i’m a user of Monzo for that reason. it would just be nice a human behind some of the automation.

I had an Auto Response from Anas, but nothing since.

Hi there, so sorry to hear you are having trouble creating your account. Could you please reach out via the in-app messaging tool? One of our Founder Member Manager will be in touch shortly.

Dont worry, and thanks for the reply - within minutes after sending this message, my account was setup!

fast and speedy service!


I tried setting up an account yesterday and also received the automated message in regards to manual checks.
I have replied with a message on the app but haven’t since heard back although it does state usually within 120 minutes.
How long does this process take?
Also I see your support hours are 9.30-16.30, what happens out of these hours for issues that have occurred?

Hi James, hopefully all your issues have been resolved. Apologies again for the delay - while most of our members are able to create an account immediately, we sometimes need to run additional checks that can take longer.

We aim to get back to users ASAP and often do so outside of our normal operating hours. Tide is continuously expanding and hope to offer 24/7 support to our Members in the future.

I usually instruct people to be patient but Tide team is really the best when it comes to customer support. Having dealt with the old draconian banking system my whole adult life, Tide was certainly a sigh of relief for me when I discovered it last year! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

11 days later

Hey , we are having the same issue. We do not know how long it will take and no one on the chat seems to be responding.

Is there anything we can do?

Hi Giedrius!
We are terribly sorry that you are facing problems with signing up. This is due to a technical issue which we have identified. Our product team is working hard to resolve this and a fix will most likely be deployed early next week.
We will let you immediately when this has been resolved.
Many thanks for your patience!