Can't load messages?



I’ve been trying to load messages in-app for a few days but it displays an error: Failed to load comments.

What should I do?



Hi there @danielstew

What I’d recommend is to log in to Tide on Web, by going to More -> Log in on my computer, directly in the app.

You’ll be able to see your messages and reach out to the Member Support team if you need any kind of assistance, while the team look into sorting out the issue.



I have an urgent case open and now that I’m trying to check for updates I am getting failed to load errors.


Hi there @schamness

This does tend to be a fairly intermittent error and I will be checking up on this with the technical team, as I’m sure you’ve noticed too it’s been quite persistent.

For now, I’d just advise you to do the same as above, if you log in to Tide on Web, you’ll see all of your messages and be able to write to the team just as you would in the app.