Cant get app to recognise my id to get accepted


Hi can’t get my driving licence and face pic to be accepted through app it keep asking me to re scan. been like this for over a week, don’t know what to do !! please help


Sorry to hear that @jann1ck! It may be that you have reached your ID scan limit, do try deleting and re-installing the app then trying again as this may resolve things for you, otherwise could you reach out via the in-app chat? We can then have our Product Development Team look in to this further for you :slight_smile:

We also have some great tips on scanning your ID here - I’m having trouble scanning my ID


Hi thanks for the reply. Yes i have deleted and re installed the app 5 times now and deleted any iCloud data but still nothing !! I have tried my driving licence and passport but still cannot get past this stage !!! HELP !! lol

ADD: I have messaged from the app now as well


Looks like this has all been resolved for you now @jann1ck, you should have just received a message via the in-app chat with an update on your account application :slight_smile:


How did they solve your issue?


Hi, I reached out through the app and was sent a link to sign up, all seems to be working fine now


I am having the same issue for the past 2-3 days, with little help from the support desk.