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When i try to log in on app it just does nothing, tried online, but says it does not recognise email.
I have contacted [email protected], got a reply asking for usual id bits (safely) but heard nothing since
Cannot believe there is no phone contact to sort this out quickly
Also getting quite concerned at the amount of messages saying they are not getting any replies from Tide.
Will be contacting banking ombudsman if i do not get this settled within 24 hours

Any tips on getting help from Tide appreciated, or even if someone from Tide can actually answer

Tide - Please consider this to be a formal letter of complaint.
I will be passing onto the Banking ombudsman to deal with

Hi @DBT, I’m truly sorry to hear about this. I’ve sent you an email to address the issue.



I’m currently having the same problem as the above customer, I seriously need this problem rectified ASAP! Or I too will be contacting the ombudsman.

Hi Nikki

We’re having serious problems and difficulties accessing our business account, this has been an ongoing problem for some days now and it is having a serious affect on our operations, can you please send me an email to help us! The app is not recognising our email address, and we cannot get any further information.

Hello @Chefskills,

Thank you for gettng in touch and sorry for the delay in our reply.

Could you please provide us with your Company name so we can follow up on the matter?

Looking forward to your message.


Can someone advise how long it takes for this company to address a complaint or an issue? I cannot wait days. I have bills to pay.

Hello @Gary1,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We can confirm that the case has been located and everything should be resolved.

Let us know if you require any further assistance.