Cant access my mobile app



I am a customer of Tide with 3 accounts. today I needed to move one of my accounts from my iPad to my mobile phone. I deleted the mobile version, downloaded a new version and upon completing al the security, I now cant access the account - VERY frustrating!

Please can I have immediate support as I cant access the normal chat service!

Thanks a million!



Hi Sean,

Thanks for reaching out.

As a security measure, to regain access to your account after deleting and reinstalling the app or downloading the app on a new phone, you will need to go through the Account Recovery process.

Click ‘Login’ on the landing page and make sure you use your ID and the exact same email address as initially used when setting up your account.

The full guide, with step by step instructions and visuals, can always be found on our Tide Community page:

Please do email us at if you are still unable to regain access.



Hi Ali

Thanks but the problem is simply that the same ID cant be used because we are in different countries! Harry set up our joint account but the device used is with me. I have written an email as advised and hope to receive some resolve.

FYI, it has been INCREDIBLY frustrating that as a customer (with 3 accounts) It took 48 hours to get a response because I couldn’t use the chat within the app that I had deleted. This is totally un-acceptable to me and actually I think it may end in me seeking a new business account for our growing businesses. I have been without access to our account for 3 days now - How am I supposed to do business like this??




Hi @wesup,

Apologies for the delayed response.

I have just sent you an email regarding this issue.

Should you have any other questions or queries please do respond directly to the email.