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Hi - I’m having trouble receiving payments - anyone else having this issue? A customer has tried to pay an invoice but the money bounces back into their account immediately. I have tried paying into my Tide account from my personal account and experience the same thing.



Thanks for reaching out, Steve.

I’ve brought this up to the team so they can look into the issue and reach out to you with a solution as soon as possible.


Still haven’t heard anything. Still can’t take a payment, Still can’t do business…

No response on the in app support either.

Im exactly the same ITMaaS

No response to 2 support tickets raised. over past 2 weeks Nothing on BBL even though i registered at day 0, and to top it off my clients cant pay me. Unfortunately for tide my 2 clients are scottish govt and BEIS and they are now wondering , like us all, what the heck is going on?

Hi, @Simon2

I’ve just responded to your queries in the app, please don’t hesitate to get back to me there if you need anything further, I’d be happy to help.


So does this bank just not work any more or what? Surely there are major issues here if I can’t make or receive a payment, and it doesn’t sound like I’m the only one. How do you expect people to work like this? It’s absolutely unacceptable. Not being able to process payments or access money for a day isn’t great, but you can deal with it, but a whole week? Really??

What is going on??

I am having major problems payment by chaps not in my account was paid on Thursday by chaps .
No help it’s a nightmare .

Chaps payment not received and it was paid on Thursday at 10.18 .
Nothing from tide .
I was supposed to be opening my shop tomorrow but due to delays and now this latest delay I will not be able to open

Glad to hear it @ITMaaS

We’ll do what we can to address your issue as well, @29thelane, please refer to the team’s messages in the app, they’ll assist you as best they can.


5 months later

Hi there, I am having the same issue. My client has tried to pay an invoice twice now, and the monies keep bouncing. Please can you rectify immediately and remove any account limits you have imposed. Many thanks, Ben

Thank you for reaching out @chameleon_ben

I’ll be looking into this for you shortly, since it’s a bit more secure I’ll be reaching out with more detail over an in-app message.