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I’ve recently set up my business and my accountant suggested I use either Tide or Starling because they both work well with Xero. I chose Tide but I cannot connect it Xero. I have added my account details to Xero but when I try to set up the bank feed, I am taken to the Tide login and once I’m logged into Tide, nothing further happens. If I try to do the set up from Tide instead of from Xero, I get an error saying that a server is temporarily unavailable. I’ve tried many times over the past week with the same error every time. I’ve sent support tickets to Tide but the customer service has been very poor, with the latest response being, “we are not partners of Xero and cannot help you, you will have to contact Xero support” even though it seems quite clear that the issue is at the Tide end, not the Xero end. I have contacted Xero support and I’m awaiting a response but just wondering whether anyone else has encountered this problem. Thanks

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    Jul '20
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Hi there @processfixer

Thank you for reaching out about this.

We have looked into the matter with the technical team and the message that you’re seeing is likely as a result of a bank feed not having been activated for the organisation in Xero that you’re trying to connect.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that the team can assist with from our side, as the bank feed functionality has to be activated from Xero’s side.

Apologies for any confusion, let me know if you have any questions!


Hi, thanks for getting back to me about this, it’s more helpful than the information I recieved from my support tickets. I really think this process needs to be improved in Tide because one does get the impression from this article: https://www.tide.co/blog/new-feature/xero-integration/ 2 that it should be possible to connect to Xero from Tide and doesn’t have to be the other way around. Also, when the connection fails, it would be very helpful to have a more informative message rather than saying “there is a temporary problem with one of our servers, please try again later”. I have tried again later numerous times and I could have avoided a whole bunch of frustration if the error message told me that I actually can’t do what I’ve been trying to do. I don’t understand why there is an option in Tide to connect to Xero if the connection has to be initiated from Xero. At a minium, your help and error messages need to be more informative. I will await assistance from Xero and hopefully they will be able to resolve it. Thanks

Thank you for getting back to me on this @processfixer

And thank you for your feedback! I’m glad that I was able to clear this up and I’ll definitely bring this up to the rest of the team so that we can be more informative in situations like these.


@Obi_at_Tide, thanks for the advice that the problem is at Xero’s end but I have contacted them and they have advised that there is nothing to enable. My bank account details have been added to Xero and it should be a case of clicking the ‘get bank feeds button’ as I have been doing. Surely someone is able to provide some further information as to what this problem is. If I can’t get it resolved within the next few days I’m going to close my Tide account as this is just too much frustration. Are you able to offer any further suggestion as to what the problem could be? It’s your site that gives an error so can’t your engineers look into the details of the error? According to Xero, it’s not what has already been suggested. Thanks

Hi @Obi_at_Tide, I just wanted to give some further information about this. I have successfully connected another bank account to my Xero organisation so it would appear that the issue is not at the Xero end. I would be very grateful if someone at Tide could please have a proper look into this and provide some support. Thanks

9 days later

@Obi_at_Tide, FYI, I was able to connect Tide to Xero via the Tide app. I hadn’t found any support articles that indicated that it could be done via the app, nor had anyone in support suggested I try that; I just happened to notice it while using the app. I would suggest letting your support team know that it was in fact nothing to do with my Xero settings but seems like it was something to do with the web process at the Tide end. There are several opportunities here for Tide to do things better next time a customer has this problem.

Thank you for letting us know about this @processfixer and apologies for the delay in responding to you here, I was unfortunately not available throughout the last week.

I’ll definitely bring this up to the team so that we can make sure to be better equipped in situations like these!