Cannot add a new payee and Tide are not responding


20th May
I contacted you via the app and you did not respond. I first wrote to you by email on 14th May telling you I could not set up a new payer on my account. You replied on 15th and told me to re-install the app. I did this and it did not work.

You asked for a screenshot. I supplied that on 18th. It’s now 20th and I have not received a reply. What happens now? I can’t simply just sit here waiting. The new payee is actually an account owned by myself. I appreciate if there is some security reason for not doing this but I am willing to submit to any security protocol including multiple photo iD, facial recognition, speaking to your employee directly via phone or video link, or receiving a cheque to close my account. You are simply not communicating with me, by email, phone or app chat. What is going on?

We need to escalate the complaint with a view to making a formal complaint to the FCA if you cannot let me access my funds within a reasonable time period.

My situation is desperate. I have no income at all due to Covid. I need the funds urgently. I will hold you liable for any consequences of your extremely troubling actions. I have supplied my phone number via email but you ave declined to call me. Please explain to me why you will not let me withdraw funds from my account.
Andrew Pearson


Hey, Andrew.

Thank you for getting back to us here. I’ve just attempted to give you a call to try and sort out this issue, and I’ve gone through the communication that we’ve had with you thus far.

Specifically, I’ve not been able to find the screenshot that you’re referring to, not in the thread that you have open with us in the in-app chat, and not with the emails associated with the account, or the one you’re using here.

Could you let me know when would be a convenient time for you so we can get in contact and sort this out?



I wonder why you cant find the email with the attachment that I sent to on 18th may? I was a straight reply to your colleagues email. Weird. Incidentally, your colleague Lyubo just emailed me. he clearly did not read my email and told me to uninstall my app and re-install (again). Now is a good time to talk (Wednesday PM). If its not convenient for you lets fix a time in the diary