Cancel direct debit before first payment is taken?


Hi, is it possible to block a direct debit that I’ve agreed to even if they haven’t taken payment yet. I was told it would be around £40 per month, but the bill has arrived and they’re going to take a full year (£484.80) and I never gave permission for that. I’ve rang them twice and they’ve promised to cancel it, but they’ve already lied to me. Thanks


Thank you for reaching out about this @lindsaymain

You can absolutely cancel an established Direct Debit - simply go to More -> Transactions -> Direct Debits in the app, you’ll see a list of them available and once you see the details of a particular one, you can cancel it from there.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cancellation will need to be done sufficiently in advance to avoid the payment being made. Usually 3 working days should be enough in this regard, but if it does go through and you’ve communicated with the merchant in this regard, we can absolutely arrange for an indemnity claim on this direct debit to return the funds to you right away.

Just let the team know in-app so they can look into this for you!