Can you provide me with details to receive international payments?


I’ve been browsing the community and I saw this reply on a post

I’m already on the waitlist but I urgently need this feature to continue running my business!

Link Do I have an IBAN number or swift code on my tide account?


Hi @OussamaEdhibi thank you for your message. We are not offering international transfers and IBAN’s to our members right now.

We are working on a feature for our members that will meet all your international needs. For the meantime, you will need to use a third party to make or receive any international transfers. Our members use Transfer Wise and are happy with it, so you can give it a try!

The good news is we’re registering interest, so if you’d like us to add you to the list do let me know. You’ll be the first to receive updates about the new feature!

If you need any other help or have other questions, please, do write again.

Thanks, Ali


Dear Tide,
I need and IBAN number/ BIC number for my tide account.
This is rather urgent because I need funds to be paid into tide account and will be charged fees if i am not able to do so.
please can you help me?


Hi there @WarrenD

It’s still an ongoing process to develop a solution for international payments, for now we’re not able to offer IBAN and SWIFT details to our members.

Until we have a system in place, any international transfers will have to be made through a service like Transferwise.