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I’m a thai citizen living in Thailand and i recently registered in UK LTD company.
I’m on board for having my Transferwise business account approved.

I still want to know if it’s possible to apply for a Tide account knowing that i’m overseas not a EEU citizen.
Thank you.

Hello @jeffrey2776,

Thank you for reaching out.

I am happy to confirm that you will be able to apply for an account with Tide as long as your company is registered within the UK.

You can download the Tide app and follow the sign-up process!

Our full eligibility criteria can be found here: https://www.tide.co/faq/can-i-open-an-account/

Let me know if you need any further assistance or have questions.


Hello @Borislav_at_Tide,
Thanks for your fast reply.

I’m currently unable to download the application as my google store ain’t from UK so tide ain’t visible for me.
Plus, i think i need a UK phone number. May i have a clue about it?
Thank you

Hi again @jeffrey2776,

Thank you for getting back to me.

You will need a UK phone number in order to create an account, sorry for not mentioning this earlier.

You can also change your phone settings location to the UK so you can be able to download the Tide application.

Let me know if there is anything else.


Hi @Borislav_at_Tide,
Thanks for your reply.
So, I need to order a UK SIM online, send it here and do the registration from my location, do i’m right?
Thank you
Have a nice day