Calling all our members based in Glasgow, we want to meet you!


We’re looking for members to take part in our Member Spotlight series.

Over the past few months, we’ve met dozens of you in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, Hove and Leeds.

We’ve been lucky enough to hear the stories behind a yoga instructor, a record label owner, a jewellery designer, a social media expert and many more. We’ve learned about the challenges these members have faced, the opportunities they’ve created and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

We want to hear more and we’re calling on you. What makes your business unique? What keeps you motivated? What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

If you are based in London, we also regularly host Member Lunches at our offices, where you’ll have the chance to share your entrepreneur journey over lunch with the Tide team. We’ll share photos and snippets of the event on our social media channels.

If you’re interested, please fill out this short form and we’ll be in touch again if we shortlist you.