Buy to let Landlord


(* below email has been sent twice to and yet ignored ? Why would you ignore potential new customers enquiring about an account ? Now I’ve joined this forum, going to read thro posts and see whether the apparently many problems are worth the effort… Shame, because I really want to use a new tech challenger bank, rather than old mainstream *)

I am not a sole trader, but a landlord with rents coming in, mortgages and other payments going out. Is this a suitable business for your Company (I do not want to waste time in application process if btl does not fit your onboarding process)


P. S I asked a similar question a few weeks ago, and received no reply


Hello there,

I’m really sorry to hear about your concerns, I’d really like to raise this with our team so that we can see what went wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate your thread with correspondence - would you mind sending a quick message in-app and mention my name [Borislav] so we can assist you as quickly as possible.


I don’t have the app installed. Not a customer, remember ! It’s a problem if your team ignore email. I won’t put my email address here, but just search for some of the text in the message I copied … (recent email was sent to at 15:10 on Tues 22nd Oct )


Hello again,

I am unable to find your thread. I would kindly like to answer your question here:

You can apply for an account with us if you are either registered with the HMRC or with Companies House UK.

If you have further questions I can advise installing the app and there you will be able to reach us as an ‘Anonymous’ user and you will not be obliged to put your e-mail address in the system.



This is why I’m asking the question. Not officially a Sole Trader as recognised by hmrc, and not a ltd company. A btl landlord makes a self-assessment return to declare UK properlty income. Can I suggest you find out if Tide already has btl landlord customers ? - that would answer the question. But Ignoring email is not acceptable.


Hello there,

Our on-boarding team will be happy to look into your inquiry. Please reach out to the via

Thank for your understanding in advance.